What is asset protection?

When it comes to nursing homes and Medicaid, you often hear about “asset protection.” It’s a hot topic—who wouldn’t want to protect their assets? But asset protection is complex, and if something goes wrong your finances and your family could be in a lot of trouble. Protecting an asset means giving up control. At its… Continue reading What is asset protection?

Your attorney should work with your financial advisor.

Are you worried about paying for a nursing home or other long-term care? Then you need the help of two professionals. You need a financial advisor and an elder law attorney—and you need them to work together. Unfortunately, not all lawyers play well with others. You Need a Financial Professional to Manage Financial Risk First,… Continue reading Your attorney should work with your financial advisor.

Estate planning basics

Estate planning looks different for anyone concerned about long term care or the cost of a nursing home. The general idea, though, is the same: take legal action now to ensure your family is taken care of and your wishes are honored in the future.