About the Author

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

I’m an elder law attorney. I help Wisconsin families navigate long-term care and provide for their loved ones with simple estate planning. I used to work as an attorney editor at the State Bar of Wisconsin, and before that I practiced in Janesville as a solo lawyer.

A picture of Benjamin WrightIn my spare time I like to go camping and read. I love to read books about language, writing, and editing; you’ll find reference books on grammar, usage, punctuation, and style within easy reach of my desk. I also like to relax by playing board games with friends—who have learned to immediately hand me the rulebook (I like to know the rules).

This proud Wisconsinite drinks New Glarus beer.

I grew up in Madison and Janesville, and I’m a proud Wisconsinite. I recently moved to Hudson with my wife Gabby and one-year-old son Miles, and opened my own law office in River Falls. We are thrilled to live here and excited for the future.

Why I Do What I Do

I’ve always cared for people who get lost in the system. In law school and shortly after, I mostly worked with people lost in the criminal justice or child protection systems—people whose lives were suddenly under the thumb of a powerful government. When I started practicing elder law, I saw people lost in a different kind of system.

I saw people—not just the elderly, but their families also—exasperated because they needed to navigate the bureaucracies of health care and government programs, but they couldn’t find their way through. My heart goes out to these people, who can hardly be blamed for lacking the knowledge and training to navigate the massive bureaucracies they face.

I have that knowledge and training; I have a law degree. Knowing the rules and how to get through them is what I’m best at. So I want to use that skill to save people from bureaucracy. Doing that is what I love about what I do.