Attorney Benjamin Scott Wright

I’m an elder law attorney. I help Wisconsin families care for their elderly or disabled loved ones.

In my spare time I like to read, write, and spend time with my wife and three young children (Miles, Jonathan, and Francie). I love to read books about language, writing, and editing; you’ll find reference books on grammar, usage, punctuation, and style within easy reach of my desk. I also like to relax by playing board games with friends—who have learned to immediately hand me the rulebook (I like to know the rules).

I grew up in Madison and Janesville. I’m a proud Wisconsinite. I moved with my family and opened my law practice in River Falls in May of 2018, then added an office in New Richmond. We are thrilled to live in this beautiful, vibrant area and are excited for the future.

Why I Do What I Do

I became a lawyer to help families like mine. I came to elder law because it’s all about the biggest challenges families face: providing and caring for loved ones.

In today’s world, that means navigating the bureaucracies of law, money, and health care. I’ve seen too many people—including my own family—in anxiety and tears because they couldn’t find their way through those bureaucracies. It’s too complicated.

As an elder law attorney, I have the knowledge and training to cut through bureaucracy. So I take on the complicated world of long-term care so my clients don’t have to.