You have questions about Medicaid.

Here are answers.

Medicaid Eligibility

An overview of long-term care Medicaid eligibility

Non-financial eligibility

Financial eligibility: Income

Financial eligibility: Assets

Divestment problems

Medicaid Applications


The application & documentation

Notices of Proof Needed

Approval or denial


Medicaid Planning

Acting within your legal authority

Making the most of what you have

Allowed transfers and divestments

Preserving resources

Protecting assets

The ethics of Medicaid planning

Note: This site is for Wisconsin residents who have questions about long-term care and Medicaid. It is not for residents of other states. It does not apply to the Medicaid or BadgerCare programs that pay for regular health care.

Still have questions?

The more you learn about Medicaid, the more questions pop up. At some point, most people need a professional to look at their unique situation and give them targeted advice.

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